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Rallisport Challenge is a game I played a lot in my childhood. It still runs great on modern operating systems (and wine!). However, you might want to run the game at 1920x1080. You might also run across a download of the game that doesn't work due to the error
Unable to find language registry keys. Please reinstall RalliSport Challenge..
Here I provide fixes for both of these problems.

Really old builds of game projects.

I've been studying the Blender Game Engine for years during my free time. BriZide is going to be the first and last game I release with it before moving onto another game engine.

BriZide Main Menu
BriZide In-Game

This was going to be a Re-Volt like RC racing game made with the Blender game engine. It was planned to have a larger focus on off-road than Re-Volt. (canceled)

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2