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Re-Volt Add-on for Blender

An add-on for Blender that enables users to import and export binary files from the game Re-Volt.

It includes tools for editing custom mesh properties and generating shadows/shading for in-game use.
The goal is to provide an editor that lets users easily customize every aspect of their creations (race tracks and cars).

Documentation and readme
GitHub page of the add-on

Re-Volt I/O

A community website ( that provides information, tutorials and downloads for the game Re-Volt.

It's home to a popular weekly racing schedule and provides information about playing the game online.
Another purpose of the website is to teach players how to create content for the game with Blender.
They can also share their creations there.


Recently, I have been adding some features to the RVGL project, an OpenGL port/rewrite of Re-Volt that utilizes open source libraries instead of DirectX.


About Me

I'm a computer science student and I'm also working for my university's IT department.

Most of my personal projects are related to Re-Volt:
I'm maintaining, which has become the largest community hub of the game.
Another project of mine is a Blender add-on for the game.

3D modeling and game development are also some interests that evolved from the things I've been doing with Re-Volt.


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